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Marketing Re-launch!!!….

Yup that’s right! This is our first post on and we are so happy to be re-launching on all our marketing efforts from digital, to our customized and sincere mailers (we know how much you love those), social media (we’d love for you to follow us- see further below), and just your good ol’ fashion word of mouth marketing.

We are really looking forward to building new strategies to better know our audience, YOU! Some of you may have already seen our email, or snail mail- just in case let me give you a quick update on what I’ve been doing. I am still a Long Beach resident and Realtor helping people purchase, sell, and renovate their homes, it’s been a little over 15 years now that I have been in this industry.

In my personal life beyond the industry, I’ve been volunteering at the senior center and mentoring at risk youth, giving back has always been my passion.

I am really hoping in these efforts I can hear from some of my older clients, and with hopes many new ones as well. If you are here than we would kindly ask to help our marketing efforts by following us on any social media platforms you may have, or whatever it is that allows you to reach me for whatever your needs may be..even if that’s you joining me and my personal volunteering ventures- please never hesitate to reach out.

Mobile- (562) 244-8602

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