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Renovation Time!

So here is the start of one of my renovation projects, this I’ll say is by far one of my favorite projects because of all the potential it has.

When I first bought this home I knew the location was great, ocean view, prime long beach area in Belmont Shores, and just an overall good buy. The only thing about this place was it was so out dated!! So my friend Kevin and I, from Identity Homes came in and made some of my plans for my ideas to come to life with his amazing experience in interior design, and staging of homes.

You may ask yourself “is this all that has been done to the house, so far?!?” I’m happy to say No! We have come much further in this renovation. I just wanted to show you where the start of it was and to encourage you to keep up-to-date with my site, I post new content every week. And next week will be an even closer look as to where I’m at with this lovely home:)
image-17 image-13  image-5image-4
image-11  image-8 image-7 image-6



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